Fans Weather Storm for Coach Calipari

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Despite predicted thunderstorms, loyal fans waited outside of the Joe Craft Center, some for even hours, just to get a glimpse of Coach John Calipari as he walked into his first practice with his new team on Thursday night.

Fans from Elizabethtown skipped a Spring Break to Florida to take their chances on meeting Coach Cal in one of his visits to Lexington.

After waiting 8 hours, many still hadn't seen the coach, but they didn't lose their spirit as they waited on lawn chairs and made signs.

They were also joined by other fans also waiting to get a sneak a peek of the new head coach. Scott Suder's wait paid off. He managed to score an autograph with Coach Cal.

Some fans say they have enough supplies to last them through the night. Some even plan on being back Friday morning, depending on Coach Cal's schedule.

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