Kentucky Fried Potholes

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They've been filling up hungry people across the globe for decades.

Now Kentucky Fried Chicken may be filling up potholes in and around Lexington.

It's the latest marketing campaign by KFC. The company is filling potholes in five cities across the country, including Chicago and Louisville, for free.

The catch -- the cities must allow KFC to paint its logo on every pothole filled.

While a brilliant business move on the company's part, cities could save thousands if they accept the offer.

Chicago's mayor says it could save America's third largest city more than $10 million dollars.

As of right now, the city of Lexington has not been contacted. However, Sam Williams, Director of Streets and Roads, says if the opportunity came up, he would definitely explore it and consider it an option.

Since January 1, the city has filled 3,000 potholes.

That takes about 60-80% of the city's streets and roads department's workforce.

The company is considering taking the campaign nationwide if it's a success.

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