Dispatch Tapes Released of Flooding Search

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27 NEWSFIRST has obtained a copy of dispatch tapes from the fire department as they desperately tried to save two UK students who were swept into a storm drain.

Emergency workers rushed to the scene in the rain after this call came in.

UK POLICE: a manhole two friends went down. They can't find them.
Dispatcher: They're in the manhole?
UK POLICE: In the waters..yes!

Dispatchers reported swift waters in the area around two Saturday morning. That's when two women attempted to cross the road.

Dispatcher: All units respond to Nicholasville Road and Dantzler Court.

25 year-olds Lauren Fannin and Lindsey Harp vanished as they tried to cross the flooded street. Their cab driver let them out after he couldn't go any further.

The search around the manhole lasted for more than 6 hours.
Then came a call some city sanitation workers found something in this neighborhood.

Dispatch: I believe we found one of the bodies. They went to the end of Bob O'Link Drive and they found one of the women. She's D-O-A.

It was Lauren Fannin. 35 minutes later their recovery mission ended when they found Harp's body near a creek on Springhill Drive.