Lincoln Murder Trial Delayed

Jury selection was to begin Monday morning for the trial of Jamarkos Campbell, but instead, attorneys will be talking about ballistics evidence during a pre-trial hearing at 9 a.m Monday.

Because of a delay in the testing of bullets found at the crime scene, the trial won't start as originally scheduled.

That delay happened because, according to court documents, the person who tested the cartridges and shell casings retired and some items were omitted from the original study.

Specifically, Campbell's attorney argues that their expert would not have had enough time to study the ballistics evidence that has just now come to light.

Campbell is one of the men charged in connection with the shooting deaths of Bo Upton and Ryan Shangraw.

Upton and Shangraw's families waited 6 years for the alleged killers to be arrested. And while they're going to have to wait longer now to see the outcome, prosecutors say the delay could prevent more ammunition for a mistrial or an appeal on conviction.

The trial is now set for May 26th and testimony could take a week.

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