Boy That Lost Part of Finger at School Still Recovering

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An unthinkable accident at a Central Kentucky school left a boy wondering if part of his finger would remain attached. One month after the incident, the boy's hope has been diminished, learning reattachment surgery didn't work.

A month ago 6-year-old Konner Snell was in plenty of pain. Now he doesn't feel anything in his finger.

"It got cut off", Konner says.

The tip of Konner's finger came off after an incident at Southern Elementary School in Georgetown last month. Another student kicked the bathroom stall shut on Konner.

"My finger was on the wall and got cut off on the bathroom stall", Konner says.

"It actually went down to the first knuckle and they put it back on and pulled the skin up so it's like to the fingernail now", says Deann Snell, Konner's mother.

Konner's family hoped reattachment surgery would work, but they've since been told it won't.

"That will come off. It's completely black and discolored. He won't have a nail or all that so it's gonna look different", says Deann Snell.

Konner is now back in kindergarten class at Southern Elementary School.

"Because I want to play with my friends", he says.

His family says he still has a long way to go.

"It's been a roller coaster this month. Lots of doctor's appointments and all that. He's done really well", says Deann Snell.

"Konner says he hasn't gone back to that bathroom where the incident happened since he's been back to school.

The elementary school has posted signs and red tape on the bathroom stalls to keep this from happening again, but Konner's family is hoping they will do more, such as taking the doors down completely.

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