Robber Throws Gasoline On Clerk

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The hunt continues for a robber who threw gasoline on a gas station clerk.

The man held up the shell station at Nicholasville and Southland just before 2:30 Monday morning.

Police tell 27 NEWSFIRST the robber threw a cup of gasoline at the clerk, and demanded money. He took off with the cash.

Police searched the area around Southland Drive, looking for the man, but so far no clues have turned up.

Right now police have a limited description of the suspect, but they do know he's a white man, with blue eyes. He had on a gray hoodie, and white colored blue jeans. He was also wearing a towel or bandanna to hide his face.

The clerk was not hurt.

Police say this type of robbery is rare, but they've already dealt with something similar just this year.

In January a group of juveniles were caught after they entered a convenience store on Winburn Avenue, threw bleach in the clerks face and ransacked the place.

The whole crime was caught on tape and eventually it led to their capture.

Police don't feel as confident that surveillance will lead them to the criminal this time, saying at this point they have very little to go on and ask anyone with information to give them a call.

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