Press Conference Confirms DNA Match in Serial Murders

In a press conference, police confirmed what 27 NEWSFIRST reported Wednesday night. We reported that police found a DNA match in 32 year old Robert Franklin Smallwood.

Police say Smallwood's DNA matches what was found on three murder victims dating back to 1999.

First, the murder of Doris Roberts, she was found inside her apartment on East 4Th Street.

Three years later, Sonora Allen was found murdered in a parking lot on Fortune Drive. Then just this past April, the murder of Erica Butler, who was found inside her home on Kenton Street.

In addition to the three murders Smallwood has also been charged with the 1993 rape of an elderly woman.

That victim was Ms. Greene, an 83 year old school teacher who lived here in Lexington. Her home was broken into, where she was raped and sodomized.

We'll bring you the latest update in this case as it becomes available.