Storm Damage in Lincoln and Casey Counties

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Mother Nature took a toll on both Lincoln and Casey county, leaving behind plenty of damage.

Power lines down, trees uprooted, barns destroyed, and trailers knocked over. This was some of the damage residents in Casey County are now cleaning up.

The barn belonging to Paul Brumett, on Rocky Hollow Road, was destroyed and spread for miles. Brumett also suffered damage on his property.

"My garage and home both had some damage", he says.

Several mobile homes were also moved off of their foundation in Lincoln County. One was destroyed. The mobile homes were unoccupied.

Nearby resident, Shelby Justice, said he heard the storm hit.

"It sounded like a freight train", Justice says.

In nearby Casey County, they were dealing with damage from a tornado.

At the home of Beverly Parton, she and her family were cleaning up what it left behind. They were inside their log cabin when Parton says the t.v. and lights went out.

"I jumped up and grabbed a candle. I was gonna light it when the roof blew off", Parton says.

"We hit the floor and made it to the basement", says Parton's daughter, Molly Durham.

Durham says the scariest moment was driving to a family members home nearby and seeing all the damage from the tornado. This included barns that were destroyed and power lines that were down.

The family plans to move into their garage until they are able to fix their home, which is missing most of its roof. This could take up to a year because the storm also caused many of the logs within the home to twist and come loose.

Emergency officials tell us there were no reported injuries in either Casey or Lincoln County last night.

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