Cutting The Dog Chains In Lexington

My name is Rusty and I am a rust colored basset hound mix. The kind folks here at the Humane Society rescued me from another facility. While checking me over they did daggone test to me and said I needed to have a heartworm treatment done. Man oh man now I gotta come up with $200 so I am able to go to a new home. Can you help an ole country dog out?
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How close is the LFUCG to outlawing dog tethers in Lexington, those for and against the idea speak out.

The Lexington Fayette Urban County Government says they need more time to revise an ordinance to outlaw dogs left unattended but tethered to the owner's property.

It's an issue that brought those for and against the idea to Tuesday's committee meeting.

Those for changing the law argue the dogs are often more aggressive if left on a chain, they're also often left exposed to the elements and sometimes malnourished.

Those who say the law should remain the same say tethers don't harm dogs, improper ownership does. Saying if we outlaw tethering it may cause owners to lock their dogs in crates, pens or other enclosed areas for long periods of time as an alternative.

Council members say they begin drafting the ordinance in February, some thought it was ready to go before the entire council for a vote, others found faults with how the new law would be enforced and where the money gathered from fines would go.

Fines are suggested to range from $50 to $500.

In the end the council decided more time for revision was necessary before giving the ordinance a vote. Now supporters are concerned time might be running out for the tethering ordinance.

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