Police Find Peep Holes In Restaurant Restroom

A Southern Kentucky police officer says it is one of the oddest cases he’s ever worked.

Two restaurant workers face charges for spying on women and investigators say that’s not all they were doing.

Corbin police received word something suspicious was going on after a woman filed a complaint with the state police.

Thursday, Corbin police served a search warrant at the El Dorado Mexican restaurant. Investigators say they found three small holes in the ceiling of the women’s restroom.

Police say two employees drilled the holes and crawled in an attic above the restroom to watch the women. Investigators say they found evidence the men pleasured themselves while watching the women.

Police arrested 30-year-old Islas Rodolfo. He's charged with voyeurism. Corbin police are searching for the second employee.

Police don't think the managers were aware of what was happening.