Manhunt Continues for Three Prison Escapees

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The manhunt begins for three men who Lexington police say escaped from the Blackburn Correctional Complex around 8:30 a.m. Friday morning.

Police say William Jewell, James D. York, and Samuel M. Hubley were serving multiple years in the prison.

Lexington police have started their search on land and by air, combing the area.

Police say they have reasons to believe the men may have escaped onto the interstate.

The men were serving time on multiple convictions, some of them are the following.

Jewell was serving a 6-year sentence for robbery, assault, and possession of controlled substance.

York was serving a 10-year sentence for trafficking, manufacturing meth, and fleeing and evading police.

Hubley was serving a 13-year sentence for receiving stolen property, theft, and burglary.

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