Louisville Officer Shot During Domestic Call Identified

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) - A veteran officer was shot with her own weapon by a naked man Wednesday when police were called to a domestic disturbance in south Louisville. The suspect and two other people were also shot, but police say none of the injuries were life threatening.

The female officer, who has served on the force for 15 years, was identified as Andrea Rice, according to Louisville Metro Police spokesman Phil Russell.

Louisville Metro Police Chief Robert White said Rice, who has served on the force for 15 years, was shot twice in the leg with her own weapon after a confrontation with a suspect in a south Louisville neighborhood.

White said the suspect, his girlfriend and a neighbor also were shot and injured.

Russell and White declined to release the names of any other of the people involved.

White said when Rice arrived at the house at about 8 a.m., she found a woman standing outside who had been assaulted. White said a naked man came out of the house moments later and refused to obey Rice's commands.

White said Rice tried to use a Taser. "It apparently did not work," White said.

Larry Gaus, 37, a neighbor who witnessed the shooting, said the naked man chased Rice around her car twice, with Rice backpedaling
before firing her weapon.

"He had an ornery look on his face," said Gaus, who was interviewed by police at the scene.

White said Rice then fired her gun twice at the suspect, but the shots did not stop his pursuit.

Gaus said Rice then fell down and dropped her gun. The chief said a struggle ensued during which the man got Rice's gun and shot her.

"It looked kind of weird," Gaus said. "When he picked up the gun, he looked at it like he didn't know what it was."

Another neighbor, Steve Griffey, said he heard two shots, a pause, then four more shots, but he didn't see the shooting.

"We looked out the window and saw people laying on the ground," Griffey said.

White said it isn't clear if the suspect's girlfriend and the neighbor were shot by the suspect, the officer or were hit by ricocheting bullets.

At some point, Rice called for backup, reporting that she was in trouble, White said. Two more officers were there within two minutes of Rice's arrival, White said.

The other two officers also used Tasers on the man before he was subdued and taken to University of Louisville Hospital.

Police spokesman Alicia Smiley says Rice is in good condition at University of Louisville Hospital. White, speaking at the scene of the shooting, said the girlfriend and neighbor were also in good condition.

The suspect was in serious condition, but was expected to survive, White said. Police department policy is to send at least two officers to
domestic violence calls and that was done in this case, White said.

White said Rice handled the situation appropriately by trying to help the woman outside the red-brick house while another officer was on the way.

"She's a very aggressive, good police officer," White said. The shootings took some neighbors by surprise. Aillen Fonseca, who lives a few doors down from where the shooting took place, said she was awoken by the sound of gunshots and when she looked outside her window, she saw a female police officer who was holding her leg.

Fonseca, who has lived in the neighborhood about a year, said a family lives in the house where the shooting happened.

"They're good neighbors," Fonseca said. "I never seen anything like that."
Associated Press Writer Dylan T. Lovan contributed to this report.

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