Police: Whitley County Burglary Suspect On The Run

Police in Whitley County say the crime spree started about 3 months ago, when burglaries were occurring as frequently as 5 to 10 each week.

Concern was high in the Gatliff community...were police say the suspects were raised.

“A lot of firearms (were) stolen. Lots of merchandise you could trade or get rid of easily at pawn shops,” said Williamsburg Police spokesperson and Officer Shawn Jackson.

But once police identified persons of interest, the crime spree in southern Kentucky stopped, but interestingly enough increased in Franklin County, more than a hundred miles away.

Police say that’s because one of the suspects was dating a woman there.

But police say on Monday night, Larry Brandon Shelton, Jason Taylor and his brother, Timothy, were found near Reynolds Hollow Road, back in Whitley County.

Shelton and Jason Taylor were caught. Timothy remains on the run.

Police say Taylor should be armed and possibly dangerous.

“But with the circumstances of crime and the time they're looking at, people should not approach them because they would be taking risks they normally wouldn't take,” said Jackson.

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