Paying to Pedal at UK

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Riding a bike is a popular way to get around, but soon students and employees at the University of Kentucky will have to pay a fee to do just that.

The way you choose to get to class could soon have a price. In the past, you've only had to pay to park at the University of Kentucky.

"Parking was way to expensive", says Mitchell Skees, a UK student.

So some students found a way to avoid buying a parking pass.

"I started riding a bike so I could afford it", says Mitchell Skees.

"Bikes are a great way to get around", says Katie Brandewie, a UK student.

Now students and staff will have to pay to pedal.

"I never expected a pass for bikers", says Katie Brandewie.

"That's to park on the bike racks?", asked Nithin Suresh, a UK student.

"Another way to make money I guess", Brian Rose says.

"Nobody's gonna like it", says Dawn Bailey.

The university is excited about the plan. Stuart Kearns, the Associate Director of Transportation, says the one-time $15.00 pass will go toward promoting cycling on campus.

"Bike racks, spot improvements, possible some more lanes, different things like that", says Stuart Kearns.

With ridership already up 37 percent more than it was ten years ago, university officials say that's important.

"We do expect some growth. We want to be ready for that growth", says Kearns.

Still, some students believe there's no need for biking improvements on campus.

"There's vacant spots! We don't need anymore bike racks", says student, Mitchell Skees.

University officials say the $15,000 to $20,000 a year the passes will bring in will make for a smoother ride for students.

Stuart Kearns says they would like to hear from students and faculty on ways to use the money to improve cycling on campus. You can give them a call at 859-257-2727.

As for the bike pass, it will be a sticker. You can begin purchasing them in July. They will officially be enforced next March.

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