Reactions from Customers after Alleged Peepholes in Restaurant's Restroom

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Some people say they're not going to eat there anymore, other customers of a Southern Kentucky restaurant say they're just never going to use the restroom there again.

Those are the reactions in Corbin, Friday, as news spreads of an employee arrested for watching women use the restroom through ceiling peepholes.

El Dorado's manager Orlando Delguy says the peepholes have been covered up and he says he wants the customers to know how sorry he is that all this happened.

It appeared to be business as usual during the lunch time hour at El Dorado's restaurant Friday. People were seen coming and going. Some customers said they didn't know of the arrest of employee Islas Rodolfo, but they knew of the peepholes.

One customer told 27 NEWSFIRST " you could look up and see a hole in the ceiling".

She says she loves the food, but she's just never going to use the restroom again.

Manager Orlando Delguy says he's happy police arrested his employee and is cooperating with police.

Islas Rodolfo remains in the Whitley County Detention Center on $10,000 cash bond and police are still looking for a second employee.