Death Delays Centrepointe

There's a new delay in the building of the Centrepointe project in downtown Lexington.

The mayor's office has confirmed that they received a letter from a California attorney stating that one of project's major investors has died. The letter states that the death is delaying the funding of the project.

Construction on Centrepointe was supposed to begin last fall, but so far the project has not progressed. Developer Dudley Webb says the death has caused some problems, but that the investor's family still wants to invest in the project. He hopes construction will begin very soon.

Lexington Mayor Jim Newberry issued a statement saying "I am sorry to learn about the delay, but pleased that the developers and investors are still committed to the project. the investment of $250 million dollars in our community will be significant, especially as it relates to the hundreds of jobs that will be created and the tax revenue generated as a result."

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