Surveillance Video Shows Hit And Run Victim Before Incident

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On late Monday evening, 56-year-old Kathy Salisbury was hit in Harrodsburg as she was out walking along College Street.

She was then dragged for a block to West Office Street and Park, where police discovered her laying in the street. The driver was nowhere to be found.

Salisbury could only tell police a "big, loud truck" hit her. That was the last thing she has been able to tell police or her family.

Family members of Salisbury say she continues to remain in critical condition at UK Hospital undergoing multiple surgeries.

She had numerous injuries including to her hands, arms, back, and legs. She also had internal injuries and had to have her spleen removed.

Harrodsburg Police Detective Gary Bradshaw tells us this case is a priority with the police department.

"It is our prime case right now. We want to find who did this", he says.

Detective Bradshaw says they have been going door-to-door to the homes near where Salisbury was found, hoping someone saw something. They have also been looking at surveillance video from nearby businesses.

On Tuesday morning at the Mr. Kwik Food Mart, they found Kathy Salisbury was on the stores surveillance video. She is seen walking past the gas station and then appears next to College Street, before turning onto the nearby street. It was there she was hit moments later.

The Mercer County Crime Stoppers are still offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of whoever hit Kathy Salisbury. You can remain anonymous. The police department is asking anyone with information to please come forward. You can call (859) 733-9115.

Salisbury's family is also pleading for the public to help them find whoever hit their loved one.

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