Man Buys Several Rounds of Drinks With Counterfeit Money

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McCarthy's Irish Pub almost got bilked for 300 bucks due to an elaborate counterfeiting scheme.
Employees of the downtown Lexington bar tell 27 Newsfirst Jason Seavers passed off more than sixteen counterfeit twent dollars bills at the bar. The man reportedly was ordering himself and others drinks with the fake money, and then keeping the change from the purchases to make a profit.
McCarthy's workers got wise to the scheme after the man had pocketed about 300 dollars. However, they were able to stop him from leaving the establishment and he was arrested by Lexington Police.
Shortly after his arrest police went to the Bryan Station Inn where Seavers was staying. There they reportedly found materials to make counterfeit money.
Jason Seavers is now facing several forgery charges.

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