Missing Child Found Alive

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A happy ending to the search for a four-year old girl lost in the woods near her home.

Rescue crews found Josie Halter nearly nine hours after she went missing from her home, on Morrill-Kerby Knob Road, in Jackson County. That's near the Sand Gap community.

Abigail and Alvie Halter say they walked outside their home for a few minutes and when they returned, Josie was missing.

Family members, neighbors, community members, and emergency officials searched for the little girl for hours.

"I yelled Josie!", said Aaron Halter, Josie's 5-year-old brother.

Josie was found by a neighbor near a creek.

"She was laying on an embankment and was wet", says Abigail Halter, Josie's mother.

"We're so thankful for the community and for those that helped us. They wouldn't leave until we found her", said Alvie Halter.

"It was as if it were their child they were looking for", said Abigail Halter.

Josie suffered some scratches and bruises from being outdoors in the woods all night. She says she will never go back walking without her parents.

"I was down by the creek", the 4-year-old told us.

Her family says when they called her name, she quickly responded.

"I said mommy, mommy", Josie said.

Rescue crews took the little girl to Berea Hospital for an evaluation, but say she appeared to be okay.

The family says they are extremely thankful for the community and everyone that helped them search throughout the night for their daughter.

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