Bell County Shooting Leaves One Man Dead

Paul Steve Allen tells us he was working out in his yard around 6:00 a.m. Sunday when his neighbor, 78-year-old Errol Turner, came out waiving his shotgun at him.

The neighbor says, "We was fixing to bust some firewood and I looked up the road and he was standing there with a shotgun pointed at us. I asked him what was wrong and he started wielding it at us. I told him I was gonna go in and call the law."

That's exactly what he did. When they arrived on the scene Turner refused to come out of his home.

"They gave him 15 - 20 minutes and he wouldn't come out. He'd come out so far waiving his gun and throwing rocks," the neighbor recalled.

When he did finally come out he refused to follow orders and waved his gun at the police.

Turner began to threaten the troopers and other police, then aimed his gun at them in a threatening manner.

Turner walked towards the troopers and then fired his gun at them. That's when Troopers Jeremy Lee, George Howard and Lieutenant P.J. Burnett opened fire in return and fatally shooting Turner.

He pronounced dead at the scene. None of the troopers were injured.
Paul Allen says Turner was a loner and pretty reclusive, but he'd known him all his life and has no idea what brought on this behavior.

Allen says, "I knew him since I was 4 or 5 and I hate it for his family."