Marina Owner Upset With Army Corps Of Engineers

The perception for some is that much of Lake Cumberland is dry, when the reality is the lake has plenty of water. The problems began 2 years ago when a multi million dollar repair job was announced for Wolf Creek Dam, which holds back the lake.

“People started changing their boating habits, people started being afraid to come down,” said J.D. Hamilton of Lee’s Ford Marina.

As a result, Lee's Ford Marina has lost $2.5 million since.

Hamilton says the Army Corps of Engineers needs to do much more than just seal up the hole in the dam. He says the Corps is doing nothing to help marinas with a problem that was in no way their fault.

“The central problem is that the Corps does not treat us as an essential partner that we are,” said Hamilton.

Hamilton’s arguments have the backing of many Kentucky lawmakers who passed a resolution that is highly critical of the way the Army Corps is working with marinas.

Lawmakers say the Corps is mis-managing the situation by ignoring pleas for help.

“Right now I pay $230,000 to them. They are demanding rent while right now the lake is under an emergency,” said Hamilton

In a statement from the Corps, the commander notes that rent abatement was provided for one year and he says the Corps is willing to work with marina operators in the future. The statement also said that “public safety” is their main priority, which is focused on fixing the dam.

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