Danville Man Attacked with Hammer

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A search is underway for two men wanted for attacking someone with a claw hammer.

Danville Police were up and down Harding Street in Danville on Monday, knocking on doors and speaking with neighbors about the incident.

It took place at a home on the street which, is separated into several apartments.

Police say the victim, 56-year-old Roy Ogle of Danville, says he was at one of the apartments in the home, drinking with his neighbors, 50-year-old John Martin and 19-year-old Clinton Martin, a father and son.

Roy Ogle tells police he was then assaulted.

"The victim was struck in the head by a claw hammer, the claw portion of the hammer, several times," says Jay Newell, the Chief of Police at the Danville Police Department.

Police returned to the apartment Monday, looking for John and Clinton Martin, but they were not at their home.

"We have reason to believe they've fled the area," says Chief Newell.

"Police were walking down the street today. I thought they were looking for somebody around here," says nearby neighbor DeAngelo Durham.

"It's shocking, but not surprising," says Michael Nowlin, a neighbor who says some tenants in that home have been in trouble before.

While the incident has neighbors talking, police are hoping someone knows where the two men are.

They have recovered a hammer from their home that will be sent off for testing. They have also recovered drugs and drug paraphernalia from the home.

They say one of the two men, Clinton Martin, is considered dangerous.

"Anyone who has that type of ability to cause harm should be considered dangerous," says Chief Newell.

Police have a warrant out for Clinton Martin for attempted murder. Both he and his father also have warrants for possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Anyone with information about this crime or the whereabouts of John and Clinton Martin are encouraged to contact the Danville Police Department at (859) 238-1221.

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