Laurel Man Accused Of Setting Grandmother On Fire

Daniel Nolan remains in jail...charged with attempted murder and other charges. People in the neighborhood are talking about this case, and they say it's an unbelievable crime.

“He's been raised up...right here since he's been a little kid...and he's always been a good boy,” said Willie Hubbard, who lives down the road from the house where police say Daniel Nolan tried to burn up his grandmother while she was in her bed.

75 year old Hazel Nolan suffered burns to the chest and neck but was rescued by her daughter-in-law.

“I wouldn't have no idea..always good kids. I would have no idea why he would have done something like that,” said Hubbard.

Police say Daniel Nolan ignited the bed with lighter fluid just after 8 this morning at 148 Salem Subdivision Road, just north of London.

“She was …unable to speak and get away,” said Sheriff Fred Yaden. Neighbors also say the woman suffered from various health issues.

Nolan is also facing charges of resisting arrest, criminal mischief and 3 counts of wanton endangerment because the victim's daughter in law and 2 children were close by. Now police are trying to sort out why all of this happened.

“This is one of the strange ones...I'll say that,” said Yaden.

Police say they know why Nolan may have set the bed on fire, but they are not releasing the motive citing the ongoing investigation.

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