Lexington FY 2010 Budget "Optimistic"

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No new taxes.No cuts to social services.No city employee layoffs.Those were major priorities Mayor Jim Newberry highlighted during his fiscal year 2010 Budget Proposal Address.

The may or is proposing at $279 budget for next fiscal year. He claims that amount will overcome a $27 million budgetary shortfall without any drastic changes to the amount citizens pay for services and their quality of life.

Newberry says this balancing act is possible because the city has been conservative in its finances for the past two years. Hiring freezes, "belt-tightening", and budget restructuring and cutting since 2007 are helping to avoid huge changes today. "over the past two years we've have cut most of the fat out of government", says Mayor Newberry.

Tuesday's budget proposal is just that; a proposal. The Lexington-Fayette Urban County council will have a chance to amend the budget before it is voted on, and approved.

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