State Police Hope You Can Help Them Solve Cold Cases

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You've seen the CBS show Cold Case -- now it's your turn to try and help Kentucky State Police officers solve real crimes.

Officials have recently added more cold cases to their web site and they're hoping you're one click away from solving these murders -- including the murder of Constable Jerry Lynch.

Lynch was gunned down in front of his Turkey Foot Rd. Home on March 18, 1998. He was coming home from work at the Tokico Manufacturing Plant in Berea. Lynch has been on the cold case list ever since.

Detective Joie Peters has solved several cold cases this year alone. Right now, the Lynch case tops his list -- and he hopes the internet may bring in the tips he needs.

State police have just recently added dozens of cold cases to their website hoping you will know something they don't -- information that could help them solve the Lynch murder -- and many others.

Peters says there are several motives that could have prompted a conspiracy against Lynch, resulting in his murder. While he can't say what they are, he feels there may be witnesses who have been silent for years.

For more information on the cold cases click on the link below.