Suspect Accused Of Shooting Cop Speaks Out

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A Lexington man sits behind bars accused of shooting a police officer.

Police believe Mark Anthony Buchanan fired the bullet that hit Officer Nicholas Whitcomb. Buchanan knows what life is like behind bars, he spent three years in jail before being acquitted of a murder.

Wednesday afternoon Buchanan spoke to 27NEWSFIRST in a jail house interview at the Fayette County Detention Center.

In the interview, Buchanan claimed he was innocent and that his attorney's would prove it.

Lexington police say Buchanan and 26-year-old Jesse Mayberry were involved in a foot pursuit with Lexington Police Officer Nicholas Whitcomb. They say during that pursuit on Winburn Drive, Buchanan shot Officer Whitcomb in the shoulder.

Court documents indicate Buchanan and Mayberry had told another person that they had "shot a cop."

Tuesday night the search for Marc Buchanan came to an end at the Days Inn in Winchester. Marc Buchanan was arrested a little after six p.m.

Employees say he was with a female who had checked in a couple hours earlier under her name. They say they didn't know Buchanan was in the room until authorities showed up. Employees say they went to the woman's room and then arrested the pair.

Buchanan is charged with first degree assault and fleeing and evading.

The female, Sunsearae Latreace Slaughter, is charged with hindering prosecution.

Both Buchanan and Slaughter appeared in court Wednesday afternoon. They pleaded not guilty. They are expected back in court Friday.

The search continues for 26-year-old Jesse Mayberry who faces a charge of fleeing and evading.

Both men have been arrested before. Buchanan was accused of killing a man in 2003 and was later acquitted for murder and robbery charges. He was released from jail a few months ago after serving three years behind bars.

In 2001 Mayberry was accused of shooting a 12-year-old boy.

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