Police Cruiser Nearly Crashes Into Home

A Lexington Police Officer is recovering after colliding with a van. The impact sent him into the front yard of a home.

The crash happened at North Broadway at Third Street.

Police say the officer involved in the crash was responding to an emergency call. He was heading to help another officer attempt to stop a driver who was fleeing.

Seth Brewer, who lives in the home at the corner of Broadway and Third said "We heard the normal screech and crunch. What was unusual was that the house shook. We felt it."

The cruiser, with lights flashing, had the green light on North Broadway and collided with a white Ford van. Investigators say that driver was running a red light.

"People just fly down third. Add that kind of speed with the Lexington Drivers habit of red lights and it is a recipe for disaster, " explained Brewer.

"Just last week, an ambulance was hit. There was a patient in the back. Two emergency vehicles hit in one week? The writing is on the wall."

Brewer says there are markings on his wall, too. They were left behind by a driver who hit the corner of his house last year.

"We've almost been hit out here on the sidewalk. We've talked to traffic engineers a number of times... just about increasing the delays of the lights here."

Brewer believes adding a second to the red light before opposing traffic gets a green light could save lives.

"One second is not so much time we can't sacrifice it for people's safety."

Until a delay is added to the lights, Brewer says gardening in his front yard will remain an extreme sport.

Police say the officer involved was treated and released from the hospital.

The driver of the van was not hurt.

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