Police Say Laurel Woman Could be Charged in Cousin's Death

Police say Miranda Knowles was behind the wheel of the car that collided with a minivan and then another car on Ky. 192.

She could be held responsible because police say there is a reasonable suspicion alcohol was involved. Knowle's cousin and passenger, Courtney Carter, died of injuries.

“This is a tough, tough, tough thing and the jumping to conclusions on the part of authorities. I mean they made judgments in quality of health care she received,” said Taylor, Knowles Father the crash victim’s uncle.

Taylor says his family cared for Carter because of some problems at her home in Florida. He says his daughter and Carter were close first cousins.

“She is not worried about herself (Knowles). She's worried about her cousin. She's worried about me,” said Taylor.

Knowles was also hurt in the crash and Taylor says she has a long recovery herself.

“And I think most of all she's praying in heart that nothing severe happens to the other victims in this accident because right now this is just an accident,” said Taylor.

Police have gone on record in saying that it's likely charges will be filed, based on the results of lab tests.

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