Family Identifies Pedestrian Killed on Kentucky Highway

After trying to identify a victim for most of the day, Florence Police now say they know the identity of the victim.

Police say 65 year-old June Ann Partin, from Erlanger, was struck while crossing I-75 on Tuesday.

It happened at the 181 mile marker. Investigators say Partin was picked up by a TANK bus on Dixie Highway in Erlanger Tuesday evening around 7:30 pm.

She was then later dropped off on KY 18, near Woodspoint Drive, around 7:50 pm. Police say she was asking for directions to the Goodwill store located on Tanners lane just east of I-75.

A passenger on the bus described Partin as looking disoriented and disheveled in appearance.

Another caller stated she was walking very close to the roadway as if she was trying to cross.

Florence Police received a call Wednesday morning from Regina Partin, Partin's daughter-in-law. She told investigators that Partin had not come home Tuesday night. She feared that after seeing the media coverage, she was concerned that our victim was in fact her mother-in-law.

Police say other family members were able to make the positive identification of Partin. Family members also told investigators that she suffered from an undisclosed mental illness.

Investigaters say their investigations are complete and no charges will be brought against the driver of the truck, Earl R. Lee of Lexington KY.