Woman Says Sister "Needs Help"

Maura Wallan

She's accused of going shopping for meth ingredient after using as dog chain to keep her children locked up at home.

19-year-old Maura Wallen is charged with criminal abuse in Pulaski County.

Now, Wallen's sister, who found the children home alone, is speaking out.

Daniell Wallen says she and her fiance’ found her niece and nephew locked up in a bedroom in her mother’s Burnside house.

“In the news the neighbors said they heard me screaming. Yeah, I was irate!” says Wallen.

Wallen says her sister and her boyfriend had used a dog chain to lock the door. She doesn't know how long the 2 and 3-year-olds were left home alone.

“We waited 45 minutes. I was waiting to catch her. It wasn't going to be pretty. She never showed up,” she said.

Police were called and Maura Wallen her boyfriend, Calvin Coragall, were later arrested.

“It really aggravates me. I'm 10 minutes away. I wouldn't have cared to watch them,” Daniell Wallen said.

Charges against Maura Wallen were supposed to be laid out Thursday, but her hearing was continued until Monday when both she and her boyfriend will appear in court together.

Maura Wallen has since made bond but her sister believes she needs to be taught a hard lesson.

“Those children are her life. They should come before Sudafed for a man,” she said.

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