Too Many People In Jail Has County Cutting Back On Arrests

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Overcrowding at the Boyle County Detention Center has the Danville Police Department looking at how they make arrests.

"We've been averaging right around eleven bookings per 24 hours. For a small jail like us, that's quite a few bookings", says Barry Harmon, the Boyle County Jailer.

Having too many inmates is nothing new for the Boyle County Detention Center.

"Overcrowding has been at our facility since it opened back in 1998", Harmon says.

Like many other jails in the state, they too have more inmates than they have room for.

"We basically house two counties. We're at 254 today, that's our count. We're a 220 bed facility", Harmon says.

They jailer says to help the problem, the county attorney and the Danville Police Department have come up with a solution.

What police say they plan to do now is to issue more citations for non-violent crimes rather than just making arrests, so that overcrowding at the jail isn't more of a problem than it already is.

Chief Jay Newell with the Danville Police Department says lately they've been busy with crimes in the area.

"In the last six months or so we've seen more theft-related cases and we've also seen increases in forgery", says Chief Newell.

This has put plenty of people behind bars, but Chief Newell says he's now hoping with the help of others that more citations and less arrests for non-violent misdemeanors will help the jail's overcrowding.

"Something we've come up with as a way to assist the jail and make it a safer environment", says Chief Newell.

The jailer says there is room in the jail for state prisoners. They are housed away from the local inmates. It's the side where the local inmates stay that is overcrowded.

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