Making Fugitives Pay Up

A pair of Pennsylvania fugitives, captured in southern Kentucky remain in the bluegrass state, awaiting extradition.

Police say Christopher Shoopman and his girlfriend, Dawn Shrock, locked a mentally challenged relative in a closet without food and abused him.

They were arrested on Monday by U.S. Marshals in Somerset. They remain in the Pulaski County Jail on numerous charges.

Police in Pennsylvania say in addition to those charges, the couple will be forced to pay up when they arrive back in the Keystone State.

In Pennsylvania, the court system requires fugitives caught in another state to pay restitution for transportation costs and other fees to be brought back to their state.

In Kentucky though, first the county or community is billed for the expenses, then the state reimburses.

But Commonwealth's Attorney Ray Larson says after learning how folks in Pennsylvania deal with criminals who flee the state, he's looking to change the process here.

"I'm all for it, and in the future will ask a judge to consider making criminals pay restitution and we will go from there," Larson said.

For example: in 2008, Fayette County alone spent $84,000 in transportation costs to pick up fugitives in other states.

That's not counting other expenses and fees. Now, the state did reimburse the county, however that money likely came from the wallets of tax payers

"Heck if we can make these slugs pay for it, I'm all for it rather than having all the burden put on taxpayers," Larson said.

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