Murder Suspect Surrenders to Police

Two men already sit in jail, charged in connection with a deadly Laurel County shooting.

Now the third suspect in the murder, George Robert Sherman, has surrendered himself to police.

Police say Sherman's surrender brings peace of mind to the victim's family.

Police had been looking for the 3rd suspect in the shooting death of Warren Baker.

Police say they received a call that Sherman was ready to turn himself in. Police say his surrender was very peaceful, with his hands up in the air, giving police no problems at all.

After being on the run, even out of town for most of the week, police say Sherman was ready to give up. His family called police and that's how they found him at a boat dock.

Now Warren Russell Baker's mother says she can proceed with her son's funeral plans.His mother says, " I would not put my son in the ground until everyone involved was behind bars."

Not only did Sherman surrender, police say he told them where to find the sawed off shotgun he said was used to kill Baker. Police say Sherman acts like he is sorry.

Sherman remains in jail on a $250,000 cash bond. He will be arraigned Friday morning at 9:30.