New Scam Targets Veterans

There's a scam alert where the victims are veterans. Attorney General Greg Stumbo and the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs have put out the alert.

The veterans are receiving phone calls, most of the victims are just returning from Iraq, where the caller starts asking them about their deployment. It's a sensitive and personal topic for those who just got home.

We're told the caller starts by asking questions about the veteran's deployment and post-deployment, then a second person typically gets on the line and asks for the veteran's social security number. That leaves the veteran at risk of identity theft.

We're told the scam is happening all over the country where veterans in the western part of Kentucky have received calls. But luckily so far, no one fin Kentucky has fallen victim to the scam.

To keep it that way, the attorney general says never give out your social security number. If you do get a call like this, you need to call the attorney general's office or the Kentucky Department of Veteran's Affairs.

You can call the attorney general's office toll free at 1-888-432-9257.