New Vaccine Offered to Boys

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A Lexington expert on sexually transmitted diseases says he'll campaign around the nation that a new vaccine be offered to boys.

The three-shot course is a vaccination designed to protect girls against cervix cancer, but as medical reporter Jerry Sander explains, many men are silent carriers of the virus that causes the cancer.

Guardasil is the first vaccine approved to prevent a type of cancer. The shots, approved for girls as young as nine years old.

Thirteen year old Havana Childers is hot crazy about getting a shot in the arm, but her mother, an employee at Central Baptist Hospital, insists her daughter get the vaccine.

Ruth Childers considers it a shot against cancer. Havana Childers becomes one of the first people in Kentucky to receive the shot. She needs two more over the next six months.

That's also an argument to vaccinate boys before they become sexually active, an argument Lexington Gynecologist David Hager spreads in speeches around the country.

More study will be needed before a decision is made on whether or not to vaccinate boys.

Dr. Hager is a member of an advisory board for Merck, the maker of the vaccine. The human Papilloma virus, the shot to prevent it, and cervix cancer are the subjects of Healthfirst Magazine airing this Sunday evening at 6:30.