Man Fears for His Life When Accused Shooter Goes Missing

A 77-year old, Wilbur Schoo, pleaded guilty to shooting Ben Jennings in July. Then police were ordered to arrest Shoo when he didn't meet conditions of his bond.

Phil Pendleton reported Schoo was sentenced Friday morning, but the victim doesn't think justice has been served.

Ben Jennings fears one of his children would have been killed, had one been with him the day. He was shot in the face, now eight months later he says he doesn't feel any safer.

Wilbur Schoo admitted to the crime and was sentenced to 5 years probation on Friday, but Jennings says that's not enough.

Schoo was to be sentenced last month, but a hospital visit delayed that. Then a judge issued a warrant for his arrest on charges he didn't comply with his bond. Police spent several weeks trying to find him. Friday he was found in his apartment.

While police searched for Schoo, Jennings fears mounted. He worried if Schoo would come after him again.

After the sentencing Phil Pendelton approached Wilbur Schoo and in reference to his poor health, he stated he's not going to go after Ben Jennings. However, he said he's afraid Jennings may come after him.

Schoo is on home incarceration with an ankle bracelet, and is monitored 24 hours a day. Jennings fears if Schoo were to get away, police may not respond in time.

The prosecutor says if Schoo violates his probation, he'll be forced to serve a ten year prison sentence.