Two Dogs Stolen From Animal Shelter

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Animal rescue groups have reason to believe a dog stolen, may have been taken for the purposes of dog fighting.

Two dogs are believed to have been stolen from their cages, right from the Rowan County Canine Shelter. The dog warden says the lock was off and one of the dogs looked to have been drag under the fence, leaving behind blood and fur.

One dog was found with major injuries. Jake, an 8-year old beagle, was found over the weekend.

Courtnea Smith and her fiancee found the dog in the road, 6 miles from the shelter where he was staying.

"It was the saddest thing I'd ever seen," says Smith.

The dog was found with severe injuries, including bite marks. He is now recovering from surgery.

The dog still missing, however, is Holstein, an American Bull Dog that was set to be adopted by an American soldier returning from Afghanistan.

With his whereabouts of Holstein still unknown, dog rescue groups like STAR, Saving the Animals of Rowan, fear he may be stolen for dog fighting.

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