Student Accused of Making "Threat List"

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A Lee County Middle School Student is under investigation by the Kentucky State Police for creating a threatening list of names.
The 13-year old student wrote a list of names, and then wrote, various types of bodily harm to be done to those people.Then he signed another student's name to it--so that person would be blamed.
The boy's father, Darrin Johnson, says the boy was wrong for what he did, but the father claims his son's intent was not malicious; instead, he claims it was a cry for help. Johnson says his son has been bullied at the middle school for two years. The threatening list was an attempt to frame one of his bullies, so that person would be punished.

The father claims the boy felt he had to take matters into his own hands becuse school offiicials have been uncooperative in dealing with the bullies.

27 Newsfirst contacted school officials about the incident. Officials say they are looking into Johnson's claims of bullying, and say that any students found guilty of bullying the boy will be punished.

As for the Kentucky State Police investigation into the list, authorities say the young man could face criminal charges for the threatening prank.

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