Woman Escapes Burning Home

Fire officials say she's lucky to be alive. A woman woke up just in time Wednesday morning to find her home in flames. She made it out safely thanks to the heroic efforts of a sheriff's deputy.

The fire broke out around 2:30am at a home on Tabor Road. Dispatchers say the woman woke up to a crash, opened her bedroom door and saw smoke and flames.

Dispatchers say the woman called 911 and told them she was trapped inside her burning home. A sheriff's deputy beat firefighters to the scene and helped the woman out of her bedroom window.

Montgomery County fire major Tony Clayton says the woman was lucky to wake up at all. "We did not find any smoke detectors working" says Clayton. "We are still looking to see if there were smoke detectors."

Clayton believes the fire started in the kitchen. He says the cause is still under investigation.

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