Police Issue Warning About Scammers Knocking On Doors

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If someone knocks at the door asking for help police warn you, beware.
It just may be a scam.

"I feel foolish for opening my door.. I know better than that," said Gwen Terry.

Terry says a young woman knocked at her door around 4:30 one morning, telling her a believable story. She needed gas money.

"Her grandmother was a neighbor and was in intensive care in Louisville and she desperately needed to get to her... I gave her forty bucks."

"Of course none if it is true, and they're scamming people of money," said Sgt. Bob Cottone with the Lexington Police Department.

There's reportedly been a half dozen cases where someone knocks at the door with the same story. All of them have been in the Idle hour neighborhood.

Most of the time, they're knocking on single women's doors and many are opening them.

Sgt Bob Cottone warns everyone to think twice.

"I realize you look out your may see a female out there but there could be a male standing beside the door and a lot worse could happen."