School Building Sold At Auction

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A Lexington elementary school has a new owner. Bill Meade, a former student at the school, says he didn't want to see the school go into the hands of developers.

So what's his plan for his new purchase? He says he doesn't have one. In fact, he says he woke up Thursday morning and decided to come to the auction, not knowing he would walk away the owner.

Bidding went back and forth on Julia R. Ewan Elementary School on Henry Clay Boulevard, lasting about ten minutes Thursday morning.

The final bid was a little more than $1.2 million. In most estimations, it is a good price for the 70,600 square foot building.

Meade says he's up for suggestions when it comes to developing the building, and says at this point he doesn't intend to tear it down.

The sale will only become final when the school board votes on it on April 27th.

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