Wildfires Destroy Homes Near Myrtle Beach

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Wildfires broke out late Wednesday afternoon near the popular tourist are of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Already, the fires have engulfed 15,000 acres and have destroyed 69 homes.

Mayor Marilyn Hatley, City of North Myrtle Beach, says, "I have been in contact with the governor and they are helping us in every way possible. They've declared a state of emergency."

Nearly 2500 residents and tourists have evacuated the area after the fire jumped the 6-lane Coastal Bays Parkway. The majority of homes burned were in the Barefoot Resort area.

Currently there are 90 firefighters from 8 different divisions working to contain the blaze. So far, about 75% of the fire in North Myrtle Beach have been contained. However, there are several hot spots still burning across the county.

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