Police: Witness Told Them of "3 Hour Fight" Between Missing Man And Suspect

Jeremy Johnson

His body hasn't been found and no one is charged with killing him, but police say they're confident a murder has been committed..

On Thursday morning, they outlined their case against two men charged with disposing of Jeremy Johnson's body. He vanished in June.

According to what police said on the witness stand Thursday, Daniel Grubb and Jeremy Johnson may have had a "3 hour off and on fight" that started at the former Angels and Wings Restaurant & Bar in Corbin.

Exactly how Johnson died may be up for debate, but police said on the stand that Grubb and Bobby Walters are responsible for doing something with his body.

Police testified about a possible motive for an argument between Grubb and Johnson, who's been missing now since June 10, 2008.

“At one time…she (witness) heard Daniel yell Jeremy’s name and said it was over pills and money,” Det. Jason York testified Thursday during a preliminary hearing for Walters and Grubb in Knox District Court.

There was testimony from police statements that the fight may have escalated into something tragic, but police have not charged either suspect with murder.

“And Bobby told her (witness)….that Daniel had killed a guy, that Daniel came to his trailer or house and said, ‘I killed Jeremy Johnson last night after a fight, hit him with a cinder block,'” said Det. York when answering questions from the Knox County Attorney.

Det. York later said that the witness told them that Grubb wanted to confess, but that Walters talked him out of it because "your father won't be able to help you."

Defense attorneys call those statements “hearsay,” but police say they were also able to record a phone conversation April 15th between a witness and Walters that led to Grubb’s and Walter’s arrests.

“On two different times, when he (Walters) was asked if anybody saw him and saw Daniel drag the body to the car, both times he said, no,” said Det. York.

The judge found probably cause and sent the case to the grand jury.

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