Tax Preparer's Office Raided By IRS

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Many people have a professional handle their taxes, especially those who own businesses.

But what if your tax preparer just disappeared before April 15th?

It's a reality for one Madison County man whose taxes were never filed and whose records are now the evidence for the IRS and he may not be the only one.

Last week, IRS federal agents raided J.R. Kennedy & Associates in Richmond. Agents seized documents and files from the office.

One IRS investigator tells 27 NEWSFIRST this is an on-going criminal investigation with no time table.

Bob Blount, a well known Madison County businessman, went to J.R. Kennedy & Associates for the last three weeks, but every time the doors were locked and no one was around.

"I gave them my tax information in February and as April 15th approached I kept trying to contact the office, but no one would return my calls," said Blount.

On his latest visit to the office last week, he did run into someone, an IRS federal agent.

"I was really caught off guard, I didn't know what to think, I mean this IRS guy was just standing there," Blount went on to say.

He's now in limbo, because he doesn't know exactly where his records are and his taxes were never filed.

"I'm already past the deadline for penalties and all the IRS will tell me is I better find another way to file," Blount said.

He says it would be impossible to do it now, because all of his information is either in the building which is closed or in the hands of the IRS.

"I'm just hoping this story will shed some light on this mess and that more people will come forward so something is done about this, and I can finally file my taxes," Blount said.

At this time no charges have been filed.

The IRS says the investigation is ongoing.

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