Cigarette Thieves Target Two Businesses

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Richmond police are trying to hunt down some thieves they say are responsible for swiping not cash, but cigarettes.

Police say Hall's Tobacco, on the city's Eastern Bypass was hit Friday morning. 120 cartons, of cigarettes were taken. We're told those cartons were worth almost $4,800.

Police say the thieves smashed out the front door of the business with a brick. They then ran inside, grabbing Marlboro cigarettes before running out the back door. Employees say this happens in less than a minute on their surveillance video.

In this case, there are two suspects wearing hooded sweatshirts who also have their faces covered.

Police say this is similar to another burglary At the Redi Mart on Lexington Road in Richmond, earlier this week. Police say that time, the thieves got away with about $600 in cigarettes.

Police say they hadn't seen many cigarette thefts until the tax went up in early April.

Both cases remain under investigation.

Richmond police say they are keeping an extra eye out on businesses that carry cigarettes.

The owner of Hall's Tobacco says he is offering a $1,000 cash reward for information that leads to the arrest of the people responsible for burglarizing his store.

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