Police Release New Information In Officer Shooting Case

Two men charged in connection with the shooting of a Lexington Police officer were back in court Friday morning and we're learning new details about the case.

Police say they have evidence and testimony that link Marc Buchanan and Jesse Mayberry to the crime.

Both men were in court Friday for their preliminary hearings. Neither said much as a Lexington police detective took the stand, bringing to light more evidence that puts them at the shooting scene.

Lexington Police Detective Matt Brotherton, who is the lead investigator on the case, went over what happened in the early morning hours of April 13th.

He says Officer Nicholas Whitcomb was checking out a suspicious vehicle at an apartment complex on Winburn Drive. Brotherton says inside that car were Mayberry and Buchanan.

Police say the two men fled and Buchanan, who'd been sitting in the passenger's seat of Mayberry's car, started firing shots, striking Whitcomb in the shoulder.

Brotherton says officers found a pistol shortly after the shooting, lying in the field next to Winburn Middle School.

He says a cell phone battery and part of a casing were also found nearby. That battery matched the phone Buchanan recently purchased at a T-Mobile store. Police say that phone hasn't been used since the morning of April 13th.

Judge Julie Goodman quickly ruled there was enough evidence to send the matter on to the Grand Jury.

Buchanan is Charged with First Degree Assault and both men are charged with Fleeing and Evading.

Both Buchanan and Mayberry's attorneys asked for the charges to be downgraded, but that request was denied.

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