Pills and Cash Taken During Danville Hospital Pharmacy Theft

Both an internal external investigations are underway at Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center, after someone stole more than 600 pain pills and hundreds of dollars in cash from the pharmacy.

The outpatient pharmacy was a brand new addition to the Danville hospital...and a grand opening was being held Thursday afternoon.

“Apparently during this 2 hour period, that's when the theft or alleged theft took place,” said hospital spokesman Harry Nickens.

671 pills and more than $300 dollars in cash deposit bags were stolen. Construction was also underway in the facility..and hospital officials say that means anyone could be the thief.

“We don't rule out anything. Employees, construction workers, members of the public. When you have something like this, you keep all doors open,” said Nickens.

In fact pharmacies are supposed to be very secure places but officials here admit during the theft...that wasn't the case.

“We were probably a little more vulnerable...than we should have been,” said Nickens.

Police say they don't know if it was one person or a group of people working together.

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