Teacher Badly Injured Trying to Break-Up Students Fighting

Emergency crews had to rush a high school teacher in Montgomery County to the hospital after she tried to break up a fight between students.

She was hurt so badly when the students allegedly turned on her, that a student says the teacher was brought out of the school on a stretcher!

Two Montgomery County students are in custody and a teacher is recovering from serious back injuries after a fight in the high school cafeteria. Officials say the teacher was trying to come between the 17 year old students.

An official says, "one of the boys grabbed the teacher and threw her against the wall she sustained injuries that will require extensive care."

Sally Thorton was taken to Mary Chiles Hospital in Mount Sterling before being transported to the UK Medical Center. That's where officials say she was released Tuesday afternoon.

The superintendent says the two students are being held at a juvenile facility in Boyd County, but they will return to Mount Sterling later this month for a hearing here at the high school.

Officials say the boys will face charges from law enforcement and the school, facing some serious consequences. The teacher plans to press charges against the student who threw her against the wall.