State Officials Discuss Swine Flu

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State emergency response officials are trying to take a proactive stance as the nation finds itself trying to get a handle on the swine flu. Officials with the Kentucky National Guard and emergency management agencies reportedly met at the Boone Center in Frankfort Sunday afternoon to discuss how the state will respond in the event the swine flu shows up in the Commonwealth.

The swine flu has sickened some 20 people in the United States in California, Kansas, Ohio, Texas, and New York. Fortunately in all of those cases, those who fell ill exhibited relatively minor symptoms of the virus and recovered. However, more than 80 people in Mexico have died as a result of the virus and it's estimated that more than 1,300 people could be ill in that country.

The Centers for Disease Control have issued a public health emergency and the federal government has released 25% of its stockpile of anti-viral medications to help combat the disease. Meantime, the World Health Organization is considering raising its pandemic alert level from a 3 to a 4.

The details of Sunday's meeting at the Boone Center have not been released and sources tell us that meetings will also take place on Monday.

Health officials advise anyone who has flu-like symptoms including fever, aches, and nausea to stay home and contact their health care provider.

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