Train Derails In Knox County

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A train derails in Knox County, spilling large amounts of coal. It happened in the Flat Lick community along Kentucky 930 and officials say it could be days before the mess is cleaned up.

Just after four in the afternoon Knox County Emergency officials got calls from the Flat Lick community that a train derailed along Kentucky 930.

"The best that we know right now is that we got 15 to 17 cars hauling coal, no injuries, and basically that's all we know right now," said Larry Howard, Director of Knox County Emergency Management.

Those in the community say the 100 car CSX train was traveling northbound, when all of the sudden, cars and coal went everywhere.

"We was sitting in the living room and we heard a real loud noise and we didn't know what had happened until my sister come outside and said there's been a train wreck," said Allie Davis, who lives near the tracks.

"I was sitting in the living room in my chair and I heard this noise and got up and looked and seen one of the carts coming down the, off the track and it was shoving gravels," said Edith Chavies, who witnessed the wreck.

Chavies' house lies just yards from the tracks.

"I thought it was coming over in our yard or on our house one," she said.

"I'm real glad that no one is hurt. The only thing I might add is the people in the area that live here, if you don't live in the area, stay out of the area because it's real congested," said Howard.

And he asks for patience as crews attempt to clean up the twisted wreck.

Howard says CSX crews are coming from West Virginia to start the clean up process, which he says could take up to four days. At this point, there cause of the wreck is under investigation.

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